How to Write and Sell eBooks

How to Write and Sell eBooks 

How to write and sell ebooks - the archanan


In this article I am going to show you step by step how to write and sell eBooks with (private label rights) PLR. PLR will help you save time in creating content by buying rights so that you can change and, in most cases, claim ownership of materials. You can get PLR licenses for articles, ebooks, software, video, audio, and graphics.

Writing an ebook is not overall that hard, but when finding the niche you want to write about, there are two ways of going about it. 1. general knowledge and study or 2. using PLR content. 

If you want to generate your own ebook fast and efficiently, I would say using PLR is the way to go.

Let's jump right into how you can write and sell your ebooks online.

Writing your first ebook is going to be a fun process and quite a simple as well. My preferred and most favourite platform to do this with is Canva. Canva is by far the most popular graphic designing software on the internet. 

Canva has a tone of features that make it easy to use and provided support to do more. 

Canva has a free version and a pro version. But no need to be alarmed if you think you need certain features to create your ebook. For this, all we need to get this done is the free version and the free templates to create your first ebook.

Here's How to Write and Sell Your eBook!

Ok, so first what you need to do is figure out what niche you want to write about. Defining your niche is key to targeting your audience. You can pick something you are passionate about or maybe an area you are qualified in order to help others in that same area you are in too. 

If you are unsure of what niche you want to get started in, here is a list of the hottest niches to choose from:

• Wealth


Once you have chosen your niche, you need to find a digital product. This is where PLR comes into play. Remember what PLR is, great. So PLR is where we will source all our information about the niche were in and placing it into our ebook. 

So what we are basically doing here is called digital dropshipping. Our ebook is going to be our digital product, where we will solve real-life problems with digital solutions. So picking the right niche is important as it will solve a problem, generate sales and lead to your success. 

Ok, lets get some content. 

You can sign up here for your free account using my unique link, which will get you 10 free credits to get started with downloading content. 

Once you're in and have signed up through the unique link, great. We can now jump into the steps we need to take to download content.

Step 1

Step 1 - how to write and sell an ebook

Type in the search bar the niche you chose earlier and hit search. If you searched for 'fitness' for example and hit search, you should see a page like this appear. 



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