Best Online Surveys for Money

Best Online Surveys for Money

Best Online Surveys For Money

If you're looking to make some extra income in your spare time, online surveys for money are a great option to earn an extra $50 - $100 a week into your bank account. 

When it comes to online surveys there is a variety of options available but only few pay a reasonable amount of money. That being said it all depends on how many surveys you complete will determine how much you can stand to make. It's all about how much effort and time you want to put into it. 

Let's jump right into my top picks! My favourite online surveys for money are Octopus Group and AttaPoll.


Online surveys will pay you money to complete their surveys. A survey could be on any topic and can vary in time and duration.

What usually happens is you will go through a verification process and answer a few questions to make sure you're eligible to begin the survey.

And once you have completed that process you will enter the survey.

I must mention too, sometimes you do not always get accepted and won't be eligible to fill out the survey, this can happen at times but I wouldn't lose sleep over it as you will be compensated a very minor payment for the effort put in.

This guide will:

Encourage you to earn that extra income online
• Make money save, invest or spend however you please


What Are The Best Online Surveys for Money?

In this article we have put together a list of the best online survey sites that pay for your opinion. 

All of these websites have been thoroughly investigated to ensure that they are legitimate and worthy of your time.

Here are my picks for the best online surveys for money to try this year:

• Octopus Group

Octopus Group

If you want to take advantage of the highest-paying surveys Australia has to offer, Octopus Group should be at the top of your list. 

Why? Octopus Group is Australia's highest-paying online survey site, which means it will pay you more than any other site for your time investment. They accomplish this by paying users a fixed amount per minute spent on the platform.

This is currently $0.28 per minute, which works out to $16.80 per hour - not bad! The payment you'll receive from Octopus Group is generally the highest you'll find in Australia for completing online surveys for money. That's because the money you'll make with Octopus Group surveys online is at least four times higher than the money you'll make with other top survey websites, and often much more.

Online Surveys for Money  


Start earning money by taking paid online surveys with Octopus Group, Australia's highest-paying survey site! Earn cash or gift cards, plus earn even more by referring friends. Join us here.

How is Octopus Group different?

Owned and operated in Australia
Survey opportunities are available on a daily basis
We discovered the highest paid surveys Australia site

How does Octopus Group pay you?

Octopus accepts bank transfers and e-gift cards. For bank transfers, the redemption threshold is $20, and payments are processed every Monday. Most users will discover that reaching this threshold does not take long.

How to sign up for Octopus Group? 

Head to the Octopus Group website here


If you're looking to earn extra money with online surveys you can start getting paid instantly upon completion for answering occasional surveys. AttaPoll sends endless notifications through their mobile app. This lets you know when there is a new opportunity to earn some money. 

AttaPoll connects you with a diverse range of companies and organisations that want to hear your thoughts and opinions. By participating in these surveys, you will be assisting them in developing new products and services or improving existing ones.

If you only want short surveys? You can specify the length of surveys you want to be invited to. Personally I don't shorten my opportunity to maximise my earnings so I don't opt for that feature. But you can also decide how many surveys you receive in a day or week. The more, the better.

The payment thresholds are low. That means you can cash out using PayPal quickly. (Cha Ching)

 Online Surveys for Money


Start earning today by taking online surveys for money with AttaPoll, the most reasonable high-paying survey smartphone app! Earn cash or gift cards, plus earn more by referring friends. SCAN THE QR CODE

 Online Surveys for Money

You get $1.00 using code emkkt when you sign up.

How is AttaPoll different?

 Low threshold payments, cash out fast
 Survey opportunities are available on a daily basis
 We discovered the most convenient paid survey smartphone app
Available on IOS and Google Play

How to sign up for Octopus Group?

Scan the QR Code using your smartphone and enter the unique code emkkt to get your $1.00 when joining today.

 The Pros and Cons – Online Surveys for Money

Is it worth your time and effort to complete surveys for money? Here are some of the benefits of paid surveys in Australia, as well as some cautions before you sign up:


• Earn money from the comfort of your own home. Earn money or rewards by answering questions from the comfort of your own home.
There are numerous legitimate websites to choose from. In Australia, there are numerous legitimate paid survey sites. You are free to register for as many or as few websites as you want.
• Gain access to high earning potential. Some websites, such as Octopus Group, provide industry-leading rates. You could make a lot of money by concentrating on high-paying survey sites.
• Fill out surveys at your own pace. You choose which surveys to participate in and the amount of time you want to devote to them.


• Some websites pay very little. Before investing significant time, conduct research and ensure you are aware of survey payment rates.
• You might not be eligible. Some paid surveys are restricted to people who fit specific consumer demographics or behaviours. You could spend time completing a pre-qualification questionnaire only to be screened out.

Conclusion: How to choose the best paid online surveys for money in


With so many online paid surveys Australia sites to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin. My recommendation? Start with Octopus Group, Australia's highest-paying survey site, and see how you go.

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