20 Tips on How To Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2023

20 Tips on How To Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2023

20 Tips on How To Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2023

The rise of vlogging on YouTube has increased tremendously over the last several years all thanks to the youthful generation of TikTok stars going viral and venturing over to YouTube as well to grow a following on the platform to post longer content. The total number of monthly active YouTube users according to sources is 2.6 billionThe total number of daily active YouTube users is according to sources is 122+ million.

Doe's this make it a little harder to grow on YouTube? Of course, producing high-quality material isn't the only factor in developing your YouTube channel. There are many strategies to expand your channel, some of which we have gone into greater detail about below, from keywords to links, music for YouTube to sponsorships, fantastic branding, competitions, subscriptions, and more.

Here Are 20 Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2023

Learning more about the inner fundamentals of YouTube is a great way to begin to grow your YouTube channel.

1. Create high-quality videos based on a single keyword or topic

It's best to identify and concentrate on a niche if you want to increase the amount of viewers on your channel. It's a good idea to pick one subject or keyword that you want to centre your content and YouTube videos on. By doing this, your channel will appear more prominently when potential viewers search for your subject.

20 Tips on How To Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2023

One great piece of advice is to concentrate on the subjects that Google and YouTube consumers are searching for most frequently. You can do this with the help of a keyword tool. There are many keyword tools online that may all be used to improve your YouTube channel. For more information on this, see our guide on keyword tools and research.

2. Repurpose high-performing content that already exists

Have you spent countless hours creating your latest video? It would be a shame if you put in all that effort only to upload it to your YouTube channel once. Repurposing content means reusing existing content at a later date or for a different video or social media platform. When you post your latest YouTube video, for example, make a portrait cut-down version and upload it to YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. Create an Instagram teaser and use your thumbnail as an image when sharing the video on Facebook and Twitter.

There are numerous ways to reuse and repurpose content, resulting in a full content calendar and satisfied subscribers.

Adding new music to your videos is one way to make them feel completely different. There's plenty of music for YouTube videos available, and you can even use mainstream music now (!! ), so go ahead and include Sia in your content. It will give your video new life.

3. Engage with your audience

To create a community, you should also interact with your audience and make new friends. This is extremely important and required if you want to grow your YouTube channel. To ensure you're engaging effectively, you should learn more about your target audience's habits and styles. This allows you to tailor your YouTube video content and video titles accordingly.

Those who feel a personal connection with you are far more likely to continue watching your exciting content. Responding to comments is the simplest and most effective way to accomplish this. This will assist in converting viewers into not only subscribers, but also loyal viewers. Engaging with your users will also allow you to embrace new ideas, many of which will be suggested by them - and all for free!

Now, not all comments are nice, but try not to let it bother you, and always try to turn a negative into a positive if you respond to one. For example, if someone complains about your background, simply thank them for their feedback and hope it didn't distract them from enjoying the rest of the video.

4. Improve your branding

Your YouTube channel should have a distinct style and tone. It's critical that your imagery, graphics, lighting, and colours all match.

20 Tips on How To Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2023

A well-designed aesthetic ensures that users can identify your brand through thumbnails, videos, and phrasing even when they aren't on your page.

This method works to showcase your brand to viewers, ensuring they understand what your brand is about, who you are, and what they can expect from your YouTube channel in the future.

This is especially true if you use custom thumbnails and use YouTube marketing and metrics.

5. Promote your video content on your other social channels

Promoting your own videos on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is one way to increase traffic. Those who use these social channels more frequently than YouTube will still see the link to your content and will be able to access it directly.

This promotion can be done organically, through paid ads or boosted posts, as well as through video marketing and YouTube Suggest - all of which will help you increase the watch time on your channel.

Remember to use the keywords you identified in tip 1!

20 Tips on How To Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2023

6. Collaborate with other content creators and team up with brands


20 Tips on How To Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2023

Collaboration with like-minded creators can help you grow your audience and promote your YouTube channel. This will allow you to increase brand awareness by sharing your brand message in an engaging and authentic manner.

Those who avidly follow one creator and value their opinion will most likely subscribe to your YouTube channel if you recommend it.

7. Use YouTube cards and post great thumbnails

Thumbnails are an excellent way to entice potential viewers to click on your videos, so they must be visually appealing and compelling. The majority of people look at the thumbnail before or instead of reading the title.

With this in mind, consider your target market and tailor your creative content to those you want to attract. Here are some pointers for creating perfect thumbnails:

1. Creating a thumbnail that is relevant to the content it contains. So focus on showing something intriguing from your video, but avoid using Clickbait thumbnails.
2. Keep thumbnails consistent in both format and style – this will make you more recognizable as a brand.
3. Make thumbnail text clear, concise, and bold enough to read in a matter of seconds.

Here are some more tips from pro YouTube creator Stream Scheme:

Don’t forget that creating content, and in this case thumbnails, is a constant learning process! Try out new things and use analytics to see how your audience reacts. When your click-through rate increases, you know you’re on the right track; so keep using those same techniques and make further tweaks to improve from there.

8. Encourage viewers to subscribe

Getting free YouTube subscribers is an excellent way to increase your organic reach. There are numerous methods for converting viewers to subscribers, some of which are listed below...

Simply request that your viewers subscribe to your channel page. In some cases, your viewers only require a prompt or reminder to subscribe. You don't have to go overboard; a simple message at the beginning and/or end of your video will suffice!
Show why your YouTube channel is essential. What value do you bring to the viewer that makes them want to return?
Always include a subscription option in the end cards of your videos. Giving your viewers more places and ways to subscribe is always a good thing!
Finally, and, to be honest, this one is pretty obvious: create excellent content. Always hold your content to a high standard and strive to improve your ideas and setup wherever possible.

9. Post videos frequently and consistently

Try to post at least one YouTube video per week for the best results. If you can't do that, strive to be consistent. For example, instead of 52 videos in one month and no videos the rest of the year, try uploading one YouTube video per week for 52 weeks.

20 Tips on How To Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2023

Consistency is what keeps people coming back to your channel and establishes a routine. Using YouTube analytics, you can learn what day and time your audience is online the most. This ensures that you post videos when your target audience is most likely to see them.

10. Verify your Google account

Verifying your Google account is another way to attract viewers and promote your YouTube channel. Everyone with a YouTube channel can upload videos that are up to 15 minutes long. Those who want to create longer-form content will need to verify their Google account.

Longer videos are essential for growing your channel because they allow for more watch time and a variety of content. Long videos may not be ideal when you're first starting out because viewers may not be as invested in you as they should be, but once you've built up a decent following, longer videos will help you connect with your audience and even earn more ad revenue. 

Verifying your account is simple; simply go to www.youtube.com/verify and follow the on-screen instructions. This procedure must be carried out on a computer rather than a mobile device. Videos up to 12 hours long or 256GB in size can be uploaded once verified.

11. Create video titles that are catchy and engaging

In addition to creating expert YouTube content, it is critical to create titles that are as catchy as the video itself. To write YouTube titles that truly engage your audience, you must convey the video's topic in an intriguing manner.

Make sure the title is no more than 70 characters long and includes numbers, keywords, and power words. Clickbait should also be avoided because users want to watch the content that matches the title.

12. Increase your chances of getting recommended

YouTube recommendations are a collection of videos that YouTube suggests you watch next, and they are displayed on both the viewer's homepage and in the 'up next' section.

20 Tips on How To Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2023

There are a few things you can do as a content creator to increase the likelihood of your videos being recommended. This includes increasing your views and engagement, encouraging viewers to stay for longer periods of time to increase your watch time, and establishing authority on the platform.

With our guide to the YouTube recommendations algorithm, you can learn more about how to get recommended on YouTube.

13. Determine what your target audience wants

Sifting through comments on videos made by similar creators is a good way to do this. You can target users who are dissatisfied with the available videos because they may still be looking for answers.

Other methods for determining who your target audience is and what they want are as follows:

1. Ask your audience what they truly want from your content.
2.As part of your community posts, conduct regular polls.
3. Determine industry trends as well as what other creators in your niche are doing.
4. Determine who your target audience isn't.
5. Make full use of YouTube analytics.

14. Host a competition or a giveaway

Hosting a competition or giveaway is an excellent way to increase brand awareness. Request that viewers subscribe to your channel in order to be eligible to win a prise. This could be something related to your brand, something from a sponsor, or something completely unrelated.

Make sure, however, to follow YouTube's contest policy, as well as their Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Community Guidelines.

Please keep in mind that encouraging or infringing on third-party copyrights is not permitted, and that the giveaway is free to enter. On their website, YouTube provides more information as well as content ideas.

15. Create a video series and encourage viewers to follow

Consider a topic that would be too extensive to cover in a single video, and you have your first step towards creating a video series. Now, use these suggestions to ensure the success of your video series.

1.Begin creating a playlist for the series.
2.Plan ahead of time what content will be included in the series.
3.Make sure the end cards for the series' videos link to other videos in the series.
4.In the description, include links to the playlist and the next video in the series.
5.During the series, collaborate with other creators. This will pique the interest of that creator's audience and entice them to watch your video series.

16. Embed your YouTube videos

If you have a blog or a website, you can share some of your videos there. The best way to do so is to embed them. It will appear as follows:

It is simple to embed YouTube videos if you follow a few simple steps:

1.Select the YouTube playlist or video you want to embed using a computer (rather than a smartphone).
2.The next step is to click the'share' button.
3.Choose 'embed' from the available Share options.
4.A box will appear if you do this. You will need to copy the HTML code from here.
5.Copy and paste the HTML code into your website.

You now have a YouTube video that can be viewed on your blog or website! Psst... views on the embed also increase the view count on YouTube.

17. Create a playlist for YouTube videos

Any YouTube user can make a playlist, whether to display on your channel or to keep private. You should create YouTube playlists for several reasons:

Videos can be categorised based on their theme, content, or audience type.
Playlists are simple to share.
Playlists keep viewers interested for longer periods of time, increasing your chances of being recommended.
Viewers can use playlists to let auto play guide them through the content they want to see.
On YouTube search results, playlists are indexed separately. When audiences search for that topic, they will see your entire playlist, making your content more easily discoverable. Despite the fact that playlists are less likely to rank than videos or channels.
Playlists aid in keeping episodes of a video series organised and in order.

18. Use CTAs to increase engagement

You can add a call to action (also known as a CTA) overlay or an information button overlay to the current video to allow you to link to other videos. This is an excellent way to promote your YouTube channel and video offerings because it encourages viewers to watch other videos on your channel that are related to the one they are currently viewing. Discover YouTube's guide on adding call-to-action overlays for more information on creating CTAs to increase engagement.

19. Try out live streaming

20 Tips on How To Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2023

Live streams generate more video views and rank higher on YouTube. Streams are also not time-bound, so any viewer interested in your content can search for and watch your videos whenever they want.

Increased watch time leads to more views and, eventually, more subscribers.

20. Invest in a YouTube ad campaign

Investing in a YouTube ad campaign is a method of increasing the number of people who see your content. Whether your ad appears before another creator's video or first in the YouTube search results, this is a great way to engage your audience and expand your digital reach.

You will be able to customise the ad to meet your objectives and target audience, as well as set your own budget. Ad success can be tracked in YouTube analytics, allowing you to learn more about who is seeing your ads.

When it comes to displaying videos on YouTube, you have several options. These include:

Video ads that cannot be skipped, display ads, overlay ads, sponsored cards, and midroll ads.

And there you Have it. Everything you need to know on how to grow a YouTube channel

Growing your YouTube audience takes time and effort, and it does not happen overnight. When the platform is crowded with competition, it is difficult to make your videos stand out.

20 Tips on How To Grow Your YouTube Channel In 2023

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